Friday, October 12, 2012

Kevin Jablonski '82

Kevin Jablonski graduated from Marymount in 1982, but the experience remains an important part of his life. “Marymount’s environment helped me believe in myself and in my ability to achieve whatever goals I set for myself,” he says.

After earning a two-year degree from Marymount, Kevin set many goals. First attending Loyola University and the University of California-Santa Barbara, he later pursued his master’s degree in public health from University of California Los Angeles, followed by his Ph.D. in psychology from Alliant University in Los Angeles.

Kevin held a range of career roles (from serving as a computer company executive to reasearching lupus treatments) before he began a post-doctoral fellowship in law enforcement psychology with the Los Angeles Police Department. Today, he is the LAPD’s chief police psychologist-a job that spans criminal cases, hostage negotiation, terrorism concerns and more.

For Kevin, Marymount College provided a strong foundation for his life. “Marymount
helped me develop my voice,” he explains. And Marymount’s Catholic heritage was
also of value. “Interacting with the nuns and priests who were instructors there led
me to revisit my religious beliefs. That was important to me…important to the
person I’ve become.”

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