Friday, March 1, 2013

Alumni Profile: Tiffany Rados

“It is hard to put into words a time that I believe has so thoroughly shaped who I am today. My time at Marymount College was never lacking in excitement, adventure, and courage” says Tiffany Rados. Rados attended Marymount from 2008-2010, then transferred to Loyola Marymount University to complete a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Rados joined the Marymount London program for the summer of 2008, and recalls sightseeing experiences that would change her life. “As an English Major, one of the most stirring events took place in Westminster Abby. Actually standing in Poet’s Corner between the graves and memorials of powerhouse authors’ such as Tennyson, Austen, Dickenson, Chaucer, Eliot, and the Bronte Sisters remains one of the most impactful experiences of my life.”

Tiffany built relationships with faculty members that would later become her mentors, and very dear friends. She also believes that the London summer abroad instilled “the need to break out of my comfort zone and experience all that life has to offer.”

Rados currently works as an Academic Advisor for Argosy University Los Angeles, thanking Marymount with her passion for higher education administration. As a student worker at Marymount, Rados says that “the experience has provided me with the skills necessary to perform on a professional level.”

Rados is very excited to hear about Marymount’s expansion and says that if it had been a four-year college during her time, she would have stayed. Her recommendation to current students is simple: take chances. “Do any and everything that scares you because it will turn out to be a memorable experience,” she says.

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