Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alumni Profile: Bob and Tina Kennedy

Bob and Tina (O’Dell) Kennedy met in September of 1980, shortly after enrolling at Marymount College. Tina remembers the days when she would gaze fondly upon Santa Catalina Island from her classrooms. Little did she know, Catalina would soon become her home.
     While studying at Marymount, Tina found herself working at the preschool, surrounding herself in the unique environment of early childhood education Marymount offered. An individual of particular influence was Virginia Wade, who Tina found to be “an awesome teacher, co-worker, and friend”, looking up to her as a great role model. After graduating, Tina attended classes to earn her child care director certificate, and together Bob and Tina attended United States Coast Guard captain courses.
        Today, Bob and Tina are parents to four daughters; the youngest graduating from high school this coming June. Tina is the preschool director for P.L.A.Y., Preschool Learning for Avalon Youth, where she has worked for the past 29 years. Bob was recently reelected for a fourth consecutive term as Mayor of Catalina, and is considering retirement. Twenty-eight years ago, Bob and Tina opened their full service dive shop, Catalina Scuba Luv, where they “have met many wonderful people from around the world, as well as many of the 800 species located under our beautiful waters on Catalina Island.”
Looking back on their experience, Bob and Tina found Marymount to be a school where they flourished, making longtime friends and contacts. Tina advises current students that “when things get tough, take a walk, look at the beautiful surroundings and count your blessings!”, and Bob says, “stay focused and enjoy the vacation from your parents.” They are happy to hear about Marymount’s changes and encourage it to keep growing! 

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